2002 - Present
Dr. Phillip Harris

Dr. Harris' research interests are in systematics, biogeography, phylogeography, and conservation genetics of fishes and other aquatic organisms. Dr. Harris can be contacted at 205-348-1831 or

Dr. Harris' webpage.

1987 - 2001
Dr. Richard Mayden

Dr. Mayden is now Professor & Endowed Chair of Natural Sciences and
Chair, Department of Biology, Saint Louis University. He is a co-author of the recently published book, Fishes of Alabama.

Mayden's Biography

Dr. Mayden's webpage

Dr. Herbert T. Boschung

Dr. Boschung is now Emeritus Professor in Biological Sciences & Emeritus Curator of UAIC. He is co-author of the recently published book, Fishes of Alabama.

Boschung's Biography

Dr. Ralph L. Chermock

During his time as curator, Dr. Chermock was responsible for amassing a Natural History Collection at the University of Alabama consisting of approximately 15,000 herpetological specimens, 25,000 freshwater and marine fishes, 1200 mammals, 300 birds, 10,000 insects, and 5,000 plant specimens.  He and his wife, Ottile, prepared more than 1500 plant sheets for the Herbarium.

Chermock's Biography

Collections Manager
Dr. Bernard R. Kuhajda

Dr. Kuhajda's research interests are in systematics and ecology of freshwater fishes, crayfishes, and freshwater shrimp. Along with maintaining the fish collection, managing the database, processing loans, and supervising student workers, Dr. Kuhajda has developed an exceptional educational outreach program for local schools with an in-house and traveling fish show. For more information about the outreach program you can contact him at 205-348-1822 or

Current Students
Kebede Beshera Ph.D. student
Gregory Hubbard Ph.D. student
Jenjit Khudamrongsawat Ph.D. student
Mike Sandel Ph.D. student
Micah Bennett Undergraduate Researcher
Amy Dunlap Undergraduate Researcher
Philip Hegji Undergraduate Curatorial Assistant
Heath Howell Undergraduate Researcher
Roberta Thompson Undergraduate Researcher
Alicia Waggoner Undergraduate Researcher

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